Revenge of the Rob-o-bot


This is my favourite pinball game on Android and iOS (I actually played it on iPad first).

It has only one table but it’s very well designed and the physics are great. Reminds me of Pinball Illusions but with real physics and in 3D.

There other pinball game I like is Zen Pinball, which is superior in some aspects: the ball physics may* be a bit better (and you even see how it rolls), there are many tables (in-app purchases) and you can select many camera perspectives.

But Revenge is still my favourite because for a phone (or even tablet) I prefer a clean and sharp design. And the table is very fun, with missions and nice voices and sounds.

* I think Zen has a more polished physics, but it is also true that, in some way, the ball in Revenge feels more real, more solid. Maybe because of the way it moves or the feedback sounds (rolling, hitting, etc).

Anyway, both games are awesome and totally recommended.

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