Only one


Retro-style action game where you fight enemies with your sword. Gameplay is very fun. There are different kinds of enemies, big bosses and power ups. You may purchase things but it’s playable for free.

I purchased the ultimate power, because it’s like purchasing the game. And it well deserves it.

Lunar Mission


Elegant game inspired by Lunar Lander. Control is very satisfying. A bit tricky at first but very rewarding when you get the hang of it.

Levels are simple but the gameplay is fun enough and the difficulty increases at a good pace. A great game.

Gopogo – Nitrome


Original gameplay where the more you tilt your pogo the longer but lower you jump.

There’s a lot of potential. The game could have been great if it had more attention to details like level design (few levels and quite repetitive) or different abilities for the characters you can unlock (now they’re all the same).

Anyway it’s absolutely worth a try.

Free version with ads (in-app purchase to remove)



Nice little puzzle game where you build (program) a sequence of machines that transport a sphere from a source to a target.

Everything is very well done. Design, sound, controls, gameplay, levels.

Note: if you like it and will probably buy it, don’t play the demo completely because in the paid version you’ll have to repeat the same levels.

For the price, just go and buy it to support good developers and honest games.

Demo @ Google Play
Full @ Google Play