Lux Auto Brightness


This little widget let’s you customise the brightness that you prefer depending on the environment light. It can even achieve negative brightness (it seems that it darkens the screen colors somehow, probably with a translucent view overlay).

I find it very useful because, for me, the default auto brightness is too bright when the environment is a bit dark. For example, now I set -40% (negative!) when the room is completely dark, 10% when there is low light and 100% outdoors on a sunny day.

This is a brilliant app!

Full version @ Google Play
Lite version @ Google Play (can’t link negative values)

SwiftKey keyboard


Kit kat comes with a good keyboard, similar to SwiftKey, so I’ve been using it for a while. But today I decided to install SwiftKey again and,¬†as they say, “it’s like night and day”. It predicts way much better (it wasn’t hard to improve the poor prediction of the stock keyboard, though), I can mix up to 3 languages without having to select them and I can write in Catalan (it’s beta in SwiftKey but works very well).

@ Google Play

AppBrain “concern” detector


This app lets you see information about your installed apps: concerns, ad networks, social SDKs and developer tools.

Concerns section tells you what the apps can do: access your contacts or accounts, cost money, etc.

If you enable the live detection mode it warns you every time you install a new app with any of the known concerns. Useful to be aware of what you install in your phone.

@ Google Play



Trello is a collaborative TO-DO service where you manage cards (tasks) in lists (todo, doing, done, etc) organised in different boards (for each project, for example).

It’s simple and powerful at the same time. And probably there’s where its beauty lies.

Recently the app has been improved. Now it’s nicer and more productive.

@ Google Play

WordPress and more


This first app review will be also an introduction to this blog. Here you will find brief reviews of the apps and games that I consider worth trying.

WordPress is one of them. It’s a wonderful app for managing your blogs. With it you can easily create your posts on the go (like the one you’re reading now).

It’s so good that I’m moving here the reviews of my previous blog. I also use it for my other blog about Java developing.

Get the app @ Google Play. You can also click on the image to go to the Google Play Store page for the reviewed app.

You may also want to compare the WordPress app with the Blogger app.

Thanks for reading and see you on the following posts. I hope you find interesting things here.