Muffin Knight


This little platform action game stands out from others for several reasons. Graphics and sounds are cute, controls respond smoothly and the characters you control are original… and change all the time!

There are many different characters and you don’t choose them but they switch randomly every time you collect a muffin. That may seem annoying but it’s really fun.

You’ll find the classics, knight, mage and archer. But you’ll also discover other funny creatures like a unicorn that poos explosive cakes, a zombie that vomits stomach acids or a boy that throws its pumpkin-shaped head.

Highly recommended!

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Pudding Monsters – Zeptolab


I recently installed this gem again. One of the best games for Android, and in my opinion the best game from Zeptolab, the authors of the original Cut the rope.

It takes ideas we’ve seen before and mixes them with new ones. All of this dressed with graphics, animations and sounds that are a joy, and levels designed wonderfully.

As I always say, a good game should have an interesting gameplay, responsive controls and well designed levels. Pudding Monsters has it all.

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Ultraflow is a simple game where you throw a disc by a swipe of your finger. The goal is to make the disc bounce walls and objects until it gets to the target hole before running out of allowed hits.

Some levels are really easy and some you will complete by trial and error because there’s some randomness in this game.

You might finish the 100 levels in an hour or less but it’s worth trying. After all, it’s free and a nice time killer.

@Google Play

Sky Force


Classic shoot ’em up that surpised me because it’s wonderfully crafted and perfectly adapted to mobile devices.

Control is smooth and well thought; I especially like the option to drag from any point so the plane is not under your finger. Also, when you raise your finger the game slows down and that’s very useful when you need move your finger to other point, or to take your eyes off the screen for a couple of seconds, or just think of a strategy to accomplish your objectives.

Each level has 4 aditional objectives (medals) that you can achieve besides just finishing the level. If you get the four medals you can replay the level at a higher difficulty and get more medals (you need a number of medals to play advanced levels).

With the stars that enemies drop you can upgrade your weapons. Most weapons are infinite but 3 of them are limited: laser, shield and megabomb. Besides upgrading, you need to spend stars to buy units of those limited weapons, or collect them when an enemy drops one.

Although sometimes there are a lot of things on the screen it’s fairly easy to distinguish what you have to avoid (enemies and bullets) from what you can collect (stars and weapons).

All in all a perfect game you can play for free. Or pay a little to remove ads, which I did because Sky Force totally worths it.

@Google Play

Revenge of the Rob-o-bot


This is my favourite pinball game on Android and iOS (I actually played it on iPad first).

It has only one table but it’s very well designed and the physics are great. Reminds me of Pinball Illusions but with real physics and in 3D.

There other pinball game I like is Zen Pinball, which is superior in some aspects: the ball physics may* be a bit better (and you even see how it rolls), there are many tables (in-app purchases) and you can select many camera perspectives.

But Revenge is still my favourite because for a phone (or even tablet) I prefer a clean and sharp design. And the table is very fun, with missions and nice voices and sounds.

* I think Zen has a more polished physics, but it is also true that, in some way, the ball in Revenge feels more real, more solid. Maybe because of the way it moves or the feedback sounds (rolling, hitting, etc).

Anyway, both games are awesome and totally recommended.

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